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Your Arse Kick Call Is Booked!

You have booked your call with me; Gary, The Vegan Online Coach! That is a great first step, congratulations on being an action taker!

On the call we will discuss exactly what your struggles are, and put some solutions in place to benefit you.


First please watch the below video and take a quick read of the information to help you get the most from our call.


What we will talk about...

We’ll look into your current: lifestyle, support network, training and nutritional approach, to get a general overview of your lifestyle and prior experience. We’ll review what’s working well for you right now and what maybe isn’t. From there we’ll discuss exactly where you want to be 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months from now.

Once I have a better understanding of where you’re at and what you’re currently doing, I’ll talk you through the biggest changes you could make straight away to accelerate your results (in the short term) and map out a game plan to get you to where you want to be (in the long term).

During the call we'll ensure you have a clear direction and know exactly what you need to focus on. At this stage, if we both agree we’d be a good match and you like the sound of what I have planned, I’ll talk you through how the coaching system works and the next steps to get you started.

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How the call will work...

Our call will take place via Zoom, you should have received the link in your booking confirmation, but any problems please let me know. Please be ready and click the link a couple of minutes before our call time, so you are ready to go.

The call isn't all question & answers, we go through some deep meaningful discussion around your goal and where you are at, I want you to bring 2  things to the call.

1.Your Full Attention

If for any reason you know you will be preoccupied with work, or other errands, please let me know and we can rearrange the call. The base of the call is to give you as much help as possible and to digest it properly I would respect that you give it your full attention.

2.Complete Honesty

Everything we discuss is discussed in confidence. My goal is to help you, and to give you solutions to the problems you face. To do this I need you to be truly honest with me. There may be tears, you won't be the first or the last in this scenario, and if you wish to turn your camera off at any point, that is okay with me.

Liam's Voice

"Working with Gary has been phenomenal, and that’s not exaggerating either. I was overweight, had no self-care, was lazy and selfish.


Fast forward to now I’m stronger, fitter and healthier. Not only have I lost 3 stone and countless measurements but mentally I am so much stronger too!

He’s taught me so much!"

Sarah's Voice

"Thanks to Gary, I feel in better shape than I did at the start of the year and now have the confidence to wear a bikini when I wouldn't have before. 

I was desperate to lose weight as I was getting married and since having my first child had put 3 stones on. I lost all my confidence and didn't like how I looked or felt. If I had tried to succeed alone I would have given up, as there was times I felt I wasn't progressing but Gary could see that I was. His motivation and support really helped."

Ben's Voice

"Everyone notices the difference in me since I have been working with Gary.  I was really struggling with my mental health, I was undriven and had no direction in a job I hated.
Gary worked on getting me active, getting my nutrition right and then helped me understand my emotional health issues and set life goals. Now I have started my own business and get up each day with purpose."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are truly ready to achieve your goals.
I am here to support and guide you all the way!

I really look forward to our call!

Best Wishes

Gary Ⓥ

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"With thousands of social media followers, published books on Amazon, his own Vegan Recipe Book, his Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Mobile App, Spotify Vegan Radio Show Podcast and his own Nutrition Supplement Range.


Gary has become the UK's leading Vegan Online Coach!"
TrustPilot 5 Stars

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