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Gary - The Vegan Online Coach

My online coaching will help you get strong, confident and feel amazing!

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Get ready to unleash the awesomeness of a healthier, happier you with The Vegan Online Coach App!


It's like having a squad of plant-powered superheroes guiding you towards greatness, all for just a low monthly membership.


Say goodbye to boring routines and hello to an exhilarating journey that will make your taste buds dance and your endorphins party!


My 12 Week Transformation Plan

Premium Online 121 Coaching Tailored For You!

My 12 week plan will kick your fitness into shape, serve up mouthwatering recipes, and sprinkle your life with motivation and support.

It's time to commit to your health and break free from the ordinary!

Join My 12 Week Plan today and let's rock this incredible adventure together!


Where Will You Be In 12 Weeks?

I've cooked up the ultimate recipe for success. Say goodbye to gym marathons and food sacrifices because my plans are all about keeping it simple and satisfying.


No more feeling down about yourself or your spot in this crazy world.


With the power of science and my proven skills, I'm here to boost your fitness and confidence right now.


Get ready to embrace the awesomeness that awaits you!

Which Option Is Best For You?


The Vegan Online Coach Mobile App

Personalised Plans
& Group Support

Ready to smash your goals?

Join The Vegan Online Coach App for a fun and transformative journey. Crush your fitness goals, savor delicious meals, and embrace a vibrant lifestyle.


Sign up now and unlock your inner superhero!


My 12 Week 121

Online Coaching Plan

Personalised Plans

& 121 Support

Unleash your inner warrior!


Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to a fun and fulfilling fitness journey. Conquer your goals, nourish your body, and live a vibrant lifestyle. Join today and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!


V-Fit Retreat

5 Day Residential

5 Days, 4 Nights

Residential Retreat

Your Ultimate Kickstart!


Embark on a life-changing journey towards vibrant health, sustainable fitness, and emotional well-being.  V-Fit Vegan Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat – the ultimate residential stay and home support package!

Who We Are.png

"With thousands of social media followers, published books on Amazon, his own Vegan Recipe Book, his Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Mobile App, Spotify Vegan Radio Show Podcast and his own Nutrition Supplement Range.


Gary has become the UK's leading Vegan Online Coach!"
TrustPilot 5 Stars

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